Creatures 3 Challenge

This challenge is an experiment to recreate the productivity of a previous period spent playing and developing for C3. In about 2001, I had an old (P1, Win98) computer with a few dev tools, an install of the game, and as far as I can remember, little or no internet access. During this period I made many discoveries about the game, and was able to create many cheat tools, breeds and a few interesting little items. These were never published and have since been lost.

I am now attempting to play the game with only the following items. I will not be reading any tutorials or documentation, besides that provided with the game and tools.

# Struck
* Added (cheating)


Updated starplant No picture Want more starplants, with more colors? Use this file. They are still as static as before.
Autocollect favicons No picture This automatically collects all the favourite place icons in new worlds.
Autonamer creature selection panel with names Names unnamed creatures with randomly generated names every 10 ticks. There are series of names, each made of parts. Alter the catalogue file to change the parts used.

Breeds (and individual creatures)

Penny penny (pink norn) Penny isn't a special norn, but she is pretty. Her parents were from an engineered genome, and she will change colors with each life stage. The aforementioned genome was made after the CFE ones got overwritten, before I noticed, and so she does not have the updates, such as improved friend-or-foe processing.
Ngeik No Picture Ngeik has plenty of norn heritage, but it doesn't show. Classified as a grendel.


Vocabulary update No picture Catalogue files that change the vocabulary. Words are shorter, more sensical, or more unique.